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Acadian Day in Louisiana

ed note: Translation to English below De L’Acadie Nouvelle, Nouveau-Brunswick, Canada Le jeudi 23 novembre 2017 Madame, Monsieur, La Société Nationale de l’Acadie (SNA) est fière de souligner Acadian Day. Célébrée en Louisiane ce 24 novembre, cette journée nous invite à commémorer l’histoire de l’Acadie louisianaise. Entre l’exil du Grand Dérangement et l’aube nouvelle du…

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Why we should teach French and not Spanish in our Louisiana schools

We appreciate this article from David. If you have a child entering kindergarten or first grade next year, please visit our Louisiane Francais French Immersion project website. First, we should teach French because it is our heritage language. Our French-speaking families in Jeff Davis Parish have spoken French from generation to generation since French became differentiated from Latin…

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What is an Acadian?

Although Louisiana’s French-speaking population had multiple origins and arrived over a long period of time, over the years the group identity coalesced into two predominate groups, the Acadian/Cajun group and the Black Creole group. The Acadians were deported from Acadia in Canada beginning in 1755 and began finding a refuge in Louisiana in 1764. The…

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Cajun Heart – From Acadie to Louisiana

Cajun Heart Promo Poster

The showing of “Cajun Heart, From Acadie to Louisiana” will be on Thursday, October 12 at 6:30 pm at the Central School Mount Theater at 809 Kirby St., Lake Charles. Chris Miller will perform before the showing of the film. Tickets can be purchased from or from Gordon’s Drug Store on Lake St., as…

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Cajun Music Radio Hits Social Media Milestone

Words fail to express the deep gratitude and love we feel for everyone who has shown their support for Cajun Music by liking our humble little Facebook page. Yesterday marked 6 months since we went on air and today we mark 10,000 fans on the CMR Facebook page. In this short time, our posts and…

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Mouton Music – a Legacy of Cajun Musical Instruments and Instruction

Mouton Accordions and Music Store

Recently, we visited with Greg and Theresa Mouton, out at Mouton Accordions & Music. The Mouton clan are a true Cajun music family. Greg is a master accordion maker and the couple operate their own music store which offers instruction on many instruments.  They are extremely knowledgeable in all music genres and equipment. They also helped sponsor…

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Cajun Christmas at the Louisiana Cajun Mansion

Louisiana Cajun Mansion Bed & Breakfast near Lafayette Louisiana

Merry Christmas to all you Cajun music fans! We hope you have an awesome Christmas and New Years! Our recent “Merry Cajun Christmas”  live video shoot at the Louisiana Cajun Mansion Bed & Breakfast was an awesome success! We want to thank owner Sandra Booher, as well as our guest speakers paranormal romance author Lisa…

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French Heritage of Jennings and Jeff Davis Parish  

by: David E. Marcantel, Esq            Of the more than 3000 counties/parishes/county-equivalents in the United States, Jefferson Davis Parish ranks number 11 in the proportion of Francophones. Jennings is the parish seat.  It is twinned with three French-speaking cities: Fléron, Belgium; Bernay, Normandy,France; and Baâlons, Ardennes, France. Some of the earliest…

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Jerry Dugas Day at the FSF Event Center

Another wonderful partnership was born tonight! Cajun Music Radio met with the board of the Friends Supporting Friends Event Center — a non-profit charitable fundraising organization that helps struggling families in South Louisiana. Starting on January 21st 2017, we will be promoting traditional Cajun French music with a LIVE FRENCH DANCE every 3rd Saturday of…

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Healing Family Breakdown Retreat

All are invited to join Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse for: HEALING FAMILY BREAKDOWN – a 1/2 day Retreat. Has your family suffered from kids not living with both parents? Grandparents stepping into the breach? Have you had to deal with separations, divorces or never-been-quite-put-togetherness? Are you tired of the drama and insecurity and lovelessness, and…

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