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La Radio de Musique Cadienne

La Voix de l'Héritage Cadien

Authentic Cajun French Music from the Heart of Acadiana!

Cajun Music Radio Hits Social Media Milestone

Words fail to express the deep gratitude and love we feel for everyone who has shown their support for Cajun Music by liking our humble little Facebook page.

Yesterday marked 6 months since we went on air and today we mark 10,000 fans on the CMR Facebook page.

In this short time, our posts and views have reached over 5 million Cajun music fans world wide, with over 2.5 million video views, countless comments of support, shares and messages. Merci! Jeremy and I are through the moon with gratitude. Cajun Music is ALIVE AND WELL and as always: #CajunMusicIsSexy  <3


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