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La Radio de Musique Cadienne

La Voix de l'Héritage Cadien

Authentic Cajun French Music from the Heart of Acadiana!

Healing Family Breakdown Retreat

All are invited to join Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse for: HEALING FAMILY BREAKDOWN – a 1/2 day Retreat.healing-family-retreat-poster

Has your family suffered from kids not living with both parents? Grandparents stepping into the breach? Have you had to deal with separations, divorces or never-been-quite-put-togetherness?
Are you tired of the drama and insecurity and lovelessness, and wonder how you can feel better? Are you heartbroken and wonder what you can do to help your family, including your kids or grandkids? Heal yourself, heal your family, and heal society using prayer and insights taught by Dr. Morse. Saturday, October 22, 2016, 9am-12:30pm OLQH FLCC Activity Room – Details:…/healing-family-breakdown-a-1-2-day-retreat

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