Get Connected - Listener Help

Thank you for supporting Cajun music with your interest in Cajun Music Radio. We are eager to help you get connected to our cultural programming.

Here are several links and resources to help you connect and enjoy our stream from any device.

Standard Shoutcast Link

Click here to open a standard stream link. If your browser supports streaming Shoutcast audio directly this link is all you need.

Embedded Player

Use this embedded player to play CMR anytime. Click the little "Play" button to tune in.

Stream on Mobile - Tablet - Smartphone

Android Mobile App

On a smart phone or Tablet?

Install our free mobile player!

iOS Mobile App

On an Apple smart phone or Tablet?

Install our free mobile player!

Install a Free Media Player

Install VLC - FREE Universal Media Player

Use this link to visit the VLC player site and download this free universal media player for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux.

Once it's installed you can open it, then from the main menu select MEDIA -- OPEN Network Location, and enter the steam link:,any&br=64000,any&m=pls