Mouton Music – a Legacy of Cajun Musical Instruments and Instruction

Recently, we visited with Greg and Theresa Mouton, out at Mouton Accordions & Music.

The Mouton clan are a true Cajun music family. Greg is a master accordion maker and the couple operate their own music store which offers instruction on many instruments.  They are extremely knowledgeable in all music genres and equipment.

They also helped sponsor our recent Guitar Raffle to raise funds for the Cajun Music Radio Youth musician program.

Mouton Accordions & Music Store is one of the oldest running labels in the accordion building industry. We not only Build custom handmade accordions but we also offer a great starter model that is imported.We are a full line music store. What sets apart from most music stores is the fact that we also offer Music Instruction In guitar, bass drums and keyboard we also teach Cajun Accordion .We have several professional teachers, one carrying a masters degree in education.and two studios that we teach in. We repair all instruments. We would love to get you started in music, something that’s meant to last a lifetime. Don’t have an instrument, not a problem just give us a call!

We can be reached at 337-783-2246 or 877-715-2768

We would love to hear from ya.