One Year Ago Today–Two Cajun Music enthusiast (Jeremy LeBlanc and Dwayne Coots) took a leap of faith in their dream of providing a radio station that Cajun Music lovers could listen to Traditional Cajun French Music 24/7/365.   The amount of support that Cajun Music Radio has received from people around the world is mind blowing.  CAJUN MUSIC IS ALIVE AND WELL! 

Cajun Music Radio still remains today as a cultural outreach station designed to promote our local Cajun Music and remember our forefathers who worked so hard to put this music on the map.  Our mission is to continue on with the legacy of our stations Grandfather, Mr. Jerry Dugas-to play Cajun music for the world to experience.

Today, our Facebook page has over 13,000 likes/followers and we have hundred Cajun Music lovers that tune in to our broadcast daily from places all over the world.  We hear from people from France, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Norway, and more on a daily basis.  These are people that once lived here in Cajun Country and moved away or people who just truly love Cajun Music.  Jeremy LeBlanc co-owner of CMR says, “there is not many people that can listen to Cajun Music without falling in love with it.”   CMR has videos on our Facebook page that has reached nearly 1 million views.  CHECK THEM OUT!

Cajun Music would like to thank each and everyone of you who has listened to us online or on our FREE Mobile App, shared our Facebook posts, sent words our encouragement, or simply just told someone about us.  We will forever be indebted to you for your kindness.  We would also like to thank our spiritual director Father Jason Vidrine of Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Church in Crowley, LA for his devotion to helping us with the recording of the Holy Rosary and Chaplet of Divine Mercy in Cajun French and for his prayers and support throughout our journey.

Our sponsors, you have no clue what you mean to us.  Without you CMR would be nothing.  You are not just advertising with us, you are supporting the Cajun people.  You are the BEST!

Lastly, but definitely not least, we would like to thank Derek Landry our Cultural Outreach Manager, Sales Manager, and On-Air Personality for his countless hours of bringing you the best in Cajun Music every Sunday morning and for being out in the community communicating with you our fans at dance halls, festivals, or anywhere Cajun Music is played.   Derek has been a tremendous asset to CMR with his knowledge on Cajun Music, Language, Heritage, and Culture.  We are all very appreciative for everything Derek has and continues to do for our beautiful Cajun Culture.

From all of us at Cajun Music Radio, Merci!

“Everyone needs to remember that Cajun is not geographical, but philosophical.”  ~Jerry Dugas