CMR Sponsors and Sponsorship

Cajun Music Radio is an entertainment & cultural paradox.

We're fiercely dedicated to the preservation and promotion of traditional Cajun French music, yet we are also a cutting edge media concern that knows how to leverage technology and social interaction to reach listeners - and consumers.

We work diligently to expose our music and culture to the world. Part of that effort requires sponsorship to help us keep the music spinning.

CMR outreach is managed by an experienced marketing agency. Contact us today to learn how we can work with any budget to help promote your business using our expertise in music, branding and promotion.

Note: Approximately 20% of sponsor net revenue after CMR operating expenses goes directly to non-profit organizations that promote Cajun French music. 

Merci to our Cajun Proud Sponsors

iSAFE, LLC - Safety & Compliance
The Rovin Network - Creating Success Stories
Accord Services, Inc. Public Insurance Adjusting